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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I have nothing to say except that in a small room if the walls and floor are wood it wood look like a log cabin.
As it turned out Jack had been gathering food. So they ate and then where off again. Jack had given Mist a ‘home’ command and Mist had trotted away. Apparently heading for New York.
"So Taylor, where were you kidnapped from? Maybe I could help you find your way back." Jack offered as they sat for a noon rest.
"When I was kidnapped I was sharing a cabin outside Anchorage, Alaska with a family of nine… What?" Jack had frozen and was now looking at him with fear popping like popcorn in his eyes.
"I am not taking you there or even showing you where it is. Do something good for yourself and NEVER go back there. They only board families there so just go back to your real home. Where is that?"
"Wait. First tell me why I should never go back there."
"… Fine. You should never go there because they work for this company. I don't know the name but let me tell you from experience that this company is bad news. They work with genetic stuff. The building you where in was just a holding area out of who knows how many. You see, now they test on animals and people. Don’t get involved in their trap. If I find out you did you’ll go strait to the gravvve.” Jack’s gaze focused on something behind them as he dropped the subject. Taylor looked and found a fat squirrel sitting on a tree stump. Something whizzed past his head and hit the squirrel in the eye, splattering blood everywhere. He turned and saw Jack holding a pistol. Where’d he get that? His messenger bag? Then why hadn’t he used it on Bill and Andrew? “Hitting them in the eye makes sure you don’t have to puncture the skin.” Jack said as he stood and picked up lunch (the squirrel).
I'll post again in a few days ... maybe ... hopefully ... probably not ...
P.S. this spell check doesn't know how to spell 'hadn't' can you believe that!?!

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  1. Great addition to your story!

    Mrs. Skelton