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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

here you go

Taylor woke to silence. He looked around in panic. Where was Jack? Had he abandoned Taylor and left him to die? He stood breathless. Wait… That was the sound of footsteps! Was it Jack, Bill, Andrew, or a wild beast that had came to eat him for breakfast!?! The sound stopped. Then there was a screech and a giant brown cat that looked like a lion without a mane leapt out of the shadows at him. He screamed and ran down the tunnel. Running blind, and screaming like a banshee Taylor ran into something that grabbed him by the shoulders. Taylor struggled and looked up to see deep clear ocean blue eyes glowing through the heavy darkness at him.
"Oh! Whoa! Hey! Dude stop! It's me. Dude it me Jack… Ok? You good? Now tell me. What happened!?!"
"I-I-I w-w-woke up and y-y-you were g-g-gone. T-t-then a-a-a giant b-b-brown CAT came after me!"
"Mist," he growled under his breath.
"Who?" Taylor asked
"Tell yeah later. Lets go." Taylor started walking then Jack grabbed his shoulders again and softly said: "This way," turning him around.
It took a lot longer to get back to fall opening than it seemed to run from it. Taylor was thinking about what Jack had said and how his eyes glowed in the dark. What did he mean by 'Mist'? Who was 'Mist' anyway, and why where Jack's eyes glowing? He saw light up ahead. Then he and Jack where out of the shadows and looking at the cat that yawned and thumped it's tail on the rock floor with out standing from it's lazy laying position.
Taylor looked at Jack and was shocked to see Jack's expression. Jack was looking PROUDLY at the cat! He went over and knelt down by it and started PETTING it!?! What the heck was going on here!?!
"Why you ol' rascal. I thought I left you back at New York." Jack said proudly. "Yeah, Mist, you my boy. You take after your mother." There wasn't just a hint of sadness but his voice was also filled with pain. "You thought Taylor here was an intruder so he was lunch, didn't you. Well, he's not. K?" The cat NODDED YES! "Good. Ok bub go say sorry like you should have already." 'Mist' came up to him then put his front paws on Taylor's shoulders and licked his face with a HUGE slobbery pink tongue.
"Dude you are truly the weirdest person in the world." Taylor said wiping the spit and slobber off his face, smiling.
"Trust me. You do not know the half of it. So Taylor looks like you just meet Mist the mountain lion,” said Jack trying not to go into another laughing fit.


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