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Idk why but when I right the posts I have indents but when they show up on my blog there are no indents. Again idk why. also the begining over the story is at the bottom so don't read the top post because that would just be a bit confuzzling (confusing and puzzling combined).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a thing that i do, idk why, is that i put the last paragraph of the last chapter at the begining of the next chapter.
Motor Speed
ch. 2
Taylor had a harder time putting his life into the hands of Mother Nature. He stood on the edge looking down. Then turned and saw his own shock reflected in Bill and Andrew's faces. The guys recovered their shock and leaped at Taylor making him stumble over the edge after Jack.
Taylor felt the air making his eyes water as the first of the fall started. He prayed to God that if this was the end that he please make it quick and painless. Then he felt a jarring force as he suddenly stopped falling. He looked down to see that he was only half way down the fall. Then all of a sudden he was pulled back through the fall. As he was roughly dumped on the ground he looked to see Jack standing next to him in the dark cave that they were in.
"Remind me never to do that with somebody as heavy as you ever again." Jack said rubbing his shoulder and smiling. He turned and looked down the tunnel that seemed to go on forever in never ending darkness. Pulling a flashlight out of his messenger bag he looked at Taylor in concern. "You ok? You look a bit frazzled." Taylor's jaw dropped. He had been kidnapped, met Jack, the weirdest kid in the world, been chased after by maniacs, fallen off a waterfall/almost DIED, and Jack thought he looked A BIT FRAZZLED! What did this guy do for a living? Jump off cliffs and live in the woods?
"Dude, what is up with you!?! I just about died out there and you think I look a bit frazzled! Do you even have a plan to get us out of here? Cause I'll tell you some thing I am NOT going back out in to that waterfall! And you know what else-” Taylor froze. He had finally had enough sense to look and see how Jack was taking it.
"Well, well, well. Looks like I picked myself up a mr. smarty pants." Jack growled looking irritable, but with a strangely calm voice for the way his eyes were glowing with their amber anger. "You really think I don't know a way out of here don’t you? I can't believe this. If there was really no way out of here then why would I chose this spot to get rid of those goofs. I know a way out buuut," he said as he walked over to the fall and dropped their only flashlight into it. “If your gonna act that way then I'll just leave you here. I can find my way out of here blind. But you on the other hand don't know nothin'. So what now mr. smarty pants!" Then he went and sat down across from Taylor.
Taylor stood fran-dazzled by what Jack had just done. He was shocked to put it simply. Now what was he going to do? Taylor almost speechless finally got the courage to say: "I'm sorry, Jack. I've just been under a lot of stress lately" Jack looked him over like he did the first time they met.
"It's okay, dude. We'll sleep here tonight.” He said gruffly after a while.
"Okay." Taylor said quietly with a hint of tiredness in his voice.
so ya. ... I have this soup it's like 'White Garden' or something and, again idk why, it reminds me of Motor Speed. It's weird.

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