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Sunday, March 14, 2010

In this section Jack is introduced and as you read it you can tell I played with him a lot.

Taylor ran till his lungs burned and ached for oxygen. Breathing hard he leaned on a tree and bent over feeling like he was going to vomit. A shadow moved. He only notices it because fear had sharpened his senses. He looked one way nothing, looked the other and he jumped. There was a boy there.
The boy was looking at Taylor lazily with dark blue eyes with amber flecks barely covered by his shaggy jet-black hair. The rugged kid was wearing a red T-shirt, ragged looking blue jeans, some black tennis shoes, and a black cameo messenger bag dangling by his side. The kid blinked slowly, yawned, looked Taylor up and down and then patted him on the back with a lean well-muscled arm.
"Yep, they run ya pretty hard." Said the strange kid, who looked about 19. "Name's Jack. I normally would ask you your name buuut they're coming. Hey! Don't start getting panicky on me! I know how to get rid of them. Don't you even think for one second about asking questions though." Then he jogged off slowly accelerating his speed.
Who was this kid? How did he know they were coming? How will he lose them? How did he know about them at all? Why and how is he here? Taylor thought as he followed Jack. He looked at Jack, who was running in a way that made him think of a wolf. Wolves run at an easy lope that makes it so they can travel on for hours and that seemed to be what Jack was doing because he seemed to not be breathing hard at all. So Taylor swung his gate into the same as Jack's and was surprised to find that he was right.
"So what’s your name now that we're putting some space between us and the lunatics?"
"Taylor Landings."
“Isn’t Taylor a girls name…?”

Soon Jack slowed his gate and started walking. So Taylor did the same then scouted around a bit. When he came back Jack was crouched on the very end of the land and was looking over the edge. Taylor crawled up next to him not taking a chance of falling over. Below them was a waterfall, covered with a blanket of mist, coming out of the ground beneath them. Their hair was being played with by the wind as Jack stood up only an inch from the edge. He turned and looked at Taylor, a cold dead serious look in his eyes.
"Now you gotta do every thing I say. Got it?" He asked sternly. Taylor nodded his head yes, too scared of Jack’s eyes to speak. "Good, 'cause not doing what I say could mean death for one or both of us, but most likely me then you because they H-A-T-E hate me. Don't ask why. So, no matter what, you will do as I say. NO MATTER WHAT!! OK?" Taylor nodded yes again, chilled with fear by the way Jack had emphasized it. "Good. OK. Get ready; they are coming. This is where we lose ‘em!"
Taylor froze. If this was the point they lost them then where would they go? He looked at Jack. He was looking straight at the forest, then closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. When he opened his eyes slowly, again he turned and looked at Taylor with his deep glowing amber eyes… Wait! Jack's eyes were supposed to be BLUE. Startled, Taylor shook his head then looked at Jack's eyes again. Yes they HAD turned amber and were glowing like an excited wildfire. Jack's head snapped back to looking at the forest then he crouched again with his heels over the edge. Now Taylor understood what Jack had meant about 'this is where we lose them.' Then there was a rustle of bushes.
"Quiet! Your gonna scare him off and then he'll take the kid with him! Then we will have lost both of them! Got it?"
"Yeah I got it but I think they know we're here. Don't give me that look! I know you can't see, but I can and they are both looking at us… You're right! Let's get them!"
Bill and Andrew charged out and trapped the boys on the peninsula jutting out above the falls. Taylor took a double take at Jack and was surprised by what he saw. Jack was still crouched on the edge, the soles of his feet over it. His eyes where now closed and he was saying something under his breath. He opened his eyes. They where a deep glowing amber of anger, enraged that the double goofball trouble would even think of going against him, Jack looked up at the men. Then he stood slowly and snarled at Bill and Andrew like a wolf.
"Jump,” he said quietly but sternly and with that one word of command Jack jumped lightly back and disappeared into the misty waterfall.
Taylor had a harder time putting his life into the hands of Mother Nature. He stood on the edge looking down. Then turned and saw his own shock reflected in Bill and Andrew's faces. The guys recovered their shock and leaped at Taylor making him stumble over the edge after Jack.


That's the end Chapter one.

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