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Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is where Motor Speed continues from the last blog I posted.



Taylor blinked his blond hair out of his light brown eyes. He looked around the dark barren room. The floor that he was on was cold and moist. Everything had a greenish hue to it and there was one barred window that cast the only light. Trying to stand up made him feel dizzy, so he leaned against the wall with a skinny arm, but quickly withdrew, stumbled back and fell. The walls had a sticky, squishy, spongy feeling to them. Taylor stood again feeling less dizzy, then the heavy thick wooden door flew open and two men came in arguing.
"I didn't know that they had another family with another kid with them! It wasn't in the file I was given Bill!" Said the first guy as he started toward Taylor.
Thinking quickly he ducked under the man's arms. Swirling around the next he went thundering down the hall. Taylor ran down the twisted confusing halls while listening for the sound of pursuit. Quickly running into the next hall he skidded trying to stop but ran right into the arms of the men he had just ditched. He put on a look that told the men to back off. Bill looked at the first dude with a grim expression on his face, and then they both started laughing their heads off. Taylor smiled a devise smile at their foolishness and hit his head on the man's neck, which was holding him. The guy cried out in pain and started gagging then keeled over.
"Andrew! You OK? That's it kid," Bill said turning to him. “You are sooo dead!"
"Am I? Am I really?" Taylor said with a slowly growing grin, folding his arms over his chest. "Cause, you know, how ya gonna know where to find me?"
"With this," he said holding up a tracking devise. Taylor grabbed it, ran down the halls and was quickly out of sight.
He looked at the gizmo. There was a map of the halls and blinking red dot that he guessed was himself. He slowly made his way down the halls following the map to what looked like it was suppose to be an exit. There was a round of stairs there; he went up them and through the door at the top. A cold chill met him going through his thin ragged blue tee shirt and thin jeans quickly chilling him to the bone. He ran to the cover of the woods without even looking at the building that had held him captive.
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